Almaun Foundation's Pilot project "Masjid Al Maun" launched,proposed masjid will offer endeavor to offer, Sllat/Fallah as Follows
1. Sallaat with meaning. Allah's Message 3 times a day with meaning in Fajr, Maghrib and Isha prayers. On every Friday one Muhkum ayat (umul kitab portion see Surah Al Imran 3/vs 7) repeated for whole week so the Namazis/Talibs be able to correctly recite, understand its meaning and easily remember the same. Allah swt in surah Qeamah indicates He will make us recite & understand the Quran and repeating in Namaz to remember.
2. Al Maun Dasterkhawan.In Masjid Al Maun(Mam).This ine dish Simple meal cooked there & supplied to MaM residents (Imam Mouzan & Musafirs if any ) plus hapless poor/ yatamah of neighborhood free twice a day including potable water (Ros plant) for the neighborhood.
3. Al Maun Store: Provide basic essentials of life in best quality & on no profit basis in the neighborhood. Capital to be raised through Qarz e Hasna. Project aims at giving jobs/training to unemployed, cheapest/best goods by eliminating middle man, and profit element in sha Allah.